Civil / Business Litigation

Dalton & Associates, through our experience, have successfully handled complex civil matters involving individuals and their businesses.

Our firm has represented both individuals and their businesses in litigating difficult commercial and business disputes in all of the courts.

Our trial team has the resources and experience needed to litigate these difficult disputes for business both small and large. Our firm has a commitment to excellence at trial and so for every matter that we are asked to be involved with, we must evaluate the trial merits of any potential claims.


Our office offers a free consultation on any potential legal matter pertaining to our areas of practice (please see our “Practice” page). Simply fill out the below form and give us a general understanding of what has happened. Be sure to correctly enter your phone number and email address, as one of our staff will be contacting you in regards to this matter within the next business day or two to establish a point of contact and clarify the facts of the potential case. If you have any general questions about our firm, please feel free to submit them here.